Annual Kids Tennis Day

KIDS TENNIS DAY is staffed by the U of A Razorback Tennis program and sponsored by DRJII Memorial, Inc.  See photos below.  Participants include children brought from

Pagnozzi Charities

David R. Johnson II Memorial, The University of Arkansas Men’s Razorback Tennis Team, Pagnozzi Charities work together to bring about the annual Kids Tennis Day. DRJII Memorial provides underprivileged kids with tennis rackets to take home which helps encourage kids to become interested in tennis, a passion which had a deep impact on David’s life.

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Photos below are from recent

Kids Tennis Day Events


Above:  “Tennis ball” cookies and pics of Kids Tennis Day 2018.

2016 Kid's Tennis Day. (not pictured are the 20 children from Camp War Eagle)

2016 Kid’s Tennis Day. (not pictured are the 20 children brought from Camp War Eagle)


DSC_0004 2015

DSC_0162 2014